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Kickstart Relationships with Salesfox

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About Us

In a world of noise, screens, and distraction, building quality relationships with prospects and current customers has never been harder.

Salesfox helps break through that noise by automating the strategic gifting process to land more meetings and reward loyal customers.

Connect at the right moments

Whether you are prospecting into a new account or meeting with a client, creating meaningful connections is always critical.


Use Salesfox to send gifts to snag an initial sales meeting or to say "Thank You" to a long time client.

Streamline marketing and sales efforts

As organizations scale, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to communicate and strategize across business functions.

With Salesfox, marketing teams can send us marketing swag, we will inventory it, and make it available in the Salesfox platform for sales reps to send as part of their prospecting efforts.

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