• Roman Pennell

Why is a sales career so difficult?

Back in high school I thought I was destined to work in corporate HR. Why?

As I progressed through college, I quickly realized that HR was not my destined career. After spending my senior year of college at a startup, sales became the obvious choice.

Sales is one of those interesting professions that many people find themselves falling into accidentally. Because a sales career is often unplanned, it makes those first few years really challenging. When I first took a corporate sales role it took quite some time to find my footing and identify my personal selling style. With so many different tools, learning materials, selling methodologies, and management styles it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find early sales success.

While there are innumerable resources available to young sales professionals, there is one sales concept that consistently appears: prioritizing a customers needs and wants over your own agenda. This is no easy task considering we always go total Scrooge McDuck and think only of the commission check.

So what is the answer? In short, always put prospective customers' needs and wants above your own. If this can be achieved then sales will naturally follow.

This realization is what drove me and my co-founder, John Simion, to start Salesfox. At Salesfox we are focused on driving personalization at scale to help keep the prospect's needs and wants in the spotlight.

We will be launching our product next week, so stay tuned for the beginning of something great!


Roman Pennell

CEO @ Salesfox

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